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Dr Diane Losche


Dr Diane Losche

Senior Lecturer

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Ph.D., M.Phil.,M.A. Columbia University, B.A. Barnard College

Dr Diane Losche holds an M.Phil and Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University and a B.A..from. Barnard College magna cum laude. Her long term career project has been to bring different practices, classes and places into communication with each other. This continues to be an experimental project in visual culture and anthropology. In line with this goal she engages not only in research, writing for peer reviewed journals, undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision but has also undertaken a number of other museum, educational and visual arts projects. Highlights include:

    •     The Timor Leste Project, COFA 2004-2006
    •     invited participation in the New Guinea component of the 7th Asia-Pacific Triennial, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.  2012.
    •     preparation of a Locale Thesaurus for the Pacific Collection ( 26,000 objects) as part of the digitalisation of the collection at the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

She writes in a variety of genres: peer-reviewed research articles, memoir, short essays in art journals and catalogue essays.Her work has been published by Cambridge University Press, Berg Publishers( Oxford), Berghahn Books( Oxford), University of Chicago Press, Australian National University Press,  British Museum Press and University of Hawaii Press.

Curated Exhibitions:  Her curated exhibitions at the Australian Museum (where she was a Scientific Officer, Anthropology  and Curator of Exhibitions from 1979-1988), The Abelam of Papua New Guinea, The Aboriginal Gallery  and  Rituals of the Human Life Cycle, were large semi-permanent exhibitions, forerunners in the inclusion of and consultation with communities represented in the galleries.  The Aboriginal Gallery was one of the first major institutions to show the work of Tracey Moffat.  Women Artists: Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, brought ten women from the community at Yuendumu to Sydney. Recent projects  have involved artists from Timor Leste  (10 students in residency and exhibition at COFA, UNSW) and New Guinea (13 artists from the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea residency at Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. The Timor Leste project involved two trips for COFA to the new nation of Timor Leste.  These visits resulted in ten students from the art school, Arte Moris  attending COFA for skills acquisition and in two curated exhibitions. It also provided training for students from the Masters of Art Administration at COFA who curated two exhibitions at COFA Gallery. Her most recent project has been as consultant and guest speaker at the most recent APT in 2012 where she worked with Abelam and Kwoma artists from PapuaNewGuinea.

Postgraduate Supervision: Ph.D. students come from Pakistan and India as well as the United States and Australia. Students who have completed  Ph.D.s with her occupy senior positions in art institutions internationally. Her students have included art historians, administrators and practitioners. Artists she has supervised come from  Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Australia and have exhibited in major international events and institutions, such as  Documenta and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Convened Conferences:Dr Losche convened,  with historian Dr. Nicholas Thomas( Cambridge University)  a major conference sponsored by the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, which brought together art practitioners, historians, anthropologists. This conference featured on ABC Radio and some of the papers were published by Cambridge University Press, edited by Losche and Thomas.

Grants and Fellowships: Dr Losche has held a number of grants and fellowships: National Science Foundation, Fulbright Foundation, Australia Research Council, Gordon Darling Foundation, Anthony Mason Fellowship( UNSW)

Selected Invited Public Lectures:  The New York Academy of Sciences, The American Museum of Natural History , Australian National University, Columbia University, Macquarie University and the Adelaide Festival, Asia Pacific Triennial.

She has been a visiting scholar in the Anthropology Department, New York University and at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. 

COFA Educational Contributions:She was a founding member of the School of Art History and Theory at COFA putting in place the inclusion of places and practices often excluded from the undergraduate teaching curriculum through the courses Art and Cultural Difference and Images and Issues in Non-Western Art. Extending this curriculum over the years she recently developed and introduced Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia-Pacific  and Critical Images in Cultural Conflict.  She has acted as Head of School and Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies in the School of Art History and Theory, COFA. She convened the COFA Public Lecture, a weekly series of lectures by prominent practitioners, for several years.

Teaching positions have also included Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, ( New York City), Hofstra University ( NY),  and Macquarie University, Sydney.