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The Bachelor of Design degree program offers an integrated education linking key specialisations of design such as graphics, communication, objects, environments and spatial design, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, media and technology.

Degree: Bachelor of Design (Honours)
Duration: 4 years full-time
Honours: Incorporated into the 4th year of study

Program Overview

Our degree program will equip you to engage in design thinking and cutting-edge practices appropriate to contemporary social, cultural, ethical and environmental contexts. As a member of our vibrant community of learning at UNSW Art & Design you will be encouraged to break through new thresholds of knowledge and experience, and to develop a unique creative voice.

Throughout our program you can build your own pathway to establish yourself as a confident design professional able to engage fully with the multidimensional nature of contemporary design practice.

At UNSW Art & Design we will provide you with a deep understanding of the critical role of design in building sustainable futures. You will work with established and emerging technologies, in a collaborative atmosphere where you will develop your knowledge, skills and capacities for design thinking, systems thinking, social innovation and entrepreneurship. We guide and encourage you to adopt innovative approaches by challenging conventional applications of materials, systems, processes and technologies.

Future designers learn to combine independent thinking and imagination with practical and technical skills. You will re-imagine the boundaries of everyday life and bring new vision to objects, interactive design, graphics and communication, spatial design, media and technology, ceramics, jewellery and textiles.


Program Structure

During first year you will attain a thorough foundation in the conceptual thinking and technical skills that underpin design practice in blended studio environments that combine face-to-face and online teaching.

In this first year you will be introduced to the explorative and future-focussed nature of the discipline while learning the latest methods and approaches to communication, visualisation and research. Students also engage in diverse 2D, 3D and 4D (time-based) investigations that are underpinned by historical, theoretical and computer studies.

In the second and third years of the degree program our students choose their own study sequences in selected studio areas that integrate contextual studies with design practice. Students have the opportunity to work alongside design practitioners and researchers on exciting interdisciplinary design projects that address complex real-world issues.

In fourth year our students develop and deliver a major integrated studio project enabling each student to individually demonstrate their emerging design capacities and professionalism. In this year you will also undertake an internship (Professional Experience Program) with one of the faculty’s extensive national and international network of high-level professional and industry partners.

Throughout your degree you will be guided by dynamic design staff with outstanding depth of international, industry-based and academic experience. We also encourage students in the program to apply for international study exchange opportunities as part of their design degree and to take advantage of extensive global network of partnerships and exchange programs we maintain with many of the leading art and design institutions nationally and internationally.


Studios and Study Areas

Responsible, ethical and sustainable design concepts are integrated in all design courses.

Our degree program features specialist studio and workshop facilities in the following areas:

  • Applied object design including designing objects, furniture and lighting

  • Communication, identity and branding, media and advertising

  • Interactive design and computing; web design and screen interface; wearables, digital and pre-press design

  • Environments and spatial design including interiors, exhibition, theatre, urban and landscape design

  • Design management and creative strategy

  • Graphic media studio includes visual identity design; book and magazine design; digital media; illustration; experimental typography; and letterpress printing

  • Design history, theory and aesthetics

  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Ceramics including designing objects for the table, industry, interiors, installation and experimental design works

  • Jewellery studio including design for the body, costume and fashion; designs for the table, interiors and industry; installation and experimental object design

  • Textiles studio including design for the body, costume design, accessories and fashion; objects, interiors, and designing for the commercial textiles industry; installation and experimental textile art and design


Career Opportunities

UNSW’s Bachelor of Design (Hons) prepares students to be dynamic design professionals and studio practitioners.

Our graduates are highly sought after across a broad range of professional design disciplines in media and technology industries, global institutions, major corporations, creative and bespoke agencies.

Graduates find employment in areas including:

  • Graphics, media and digital design

  • Communications, branding and advertising

  • Design management and strategy

  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship

  • App development, data visualisation and responsive design

  • Creative consultancies, design and media studios, design-led businesses

  • Environmental, spatial, interior and architectural design practices

  • Object, furniture and lighting design

  • Film, television, online and mobile production and post-production

  • Design for exhibitions, galleries and museums

  • Costume, theatre and events design

  • Design teaching and academia

  • Jewellery and wearables design

  • Packaging, illustration and publishing

  • Textile, fabric and fashion design


Dual Degree Options

UNSW Art & Design offers an extensive suite of career powering dual degree options.

Our wide ranging dual degree program is inspired by the world in which our students will ultimately work – a world in which few people work alone or in just one discipline, and in which it is important to understand and master a variety of skills. 

Dual degrees are not only for students with clearly chosen career interests – they offer valuable complementary sets of conceptual tools and transferable skills that potentially open more doors and create more opportunities in the ever changing creative economy. UNSW Art & Design is taking interdisciplinary art, design and media education to a new level.

UNSW Art & Design offers the following combinations of creative and professional degrees:



The following Scholarships are available to Bachelor of Design students:


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