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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) is studio practice-based, fosters a spirit of inquiry and provides students with opportunities to work within and across established and emergent disciplines and technologies.

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA Hons)
Duration: 4 years full-time
Honours: Incorporated into the 4th year of study

Program Overview

Our intensive and innovative program is at the forefront of contemporary art practice in Australia. Our students are motivated to learn through engaging, exciting and stimulating ideas and experiences within the breadth of a wide range of genres and media. UNSW’s Fine Arts program is led by a dedicated transdisciplinary staff of nationally and internationally recognised practicing artists, educators and researchers.

Our staff will work closely with you to develop your capacities and potential. Within our challenging and supportive environment, you will explore a full range of contemporary and historical art practices, materials and methods. The BFA Hons prepares you to engage professionally in the contemporary art world within Australia and internationally.

The BFA program places you at the centre of the creative process and prepares you to commence a career in the visual arts and to succeed in further postgraduate study.


Program Structure

The BFA Hons is comprised of four year levels. Level one courses provide the foundational, practical and conceptual skills necessary to initiate independent creative learning.

In years two and three, the program addresses more complex problems and the selective application of acquired knowledge and practical skills. These academic levels provide a synthesis of studio-based disciplines, leading to a deeper understanding of each student’s individual artistic practice.

In year four the student will focus on their self-directed practice by pursuing an internship in the professional arts community alongside their focused research. The fourth year strengthens the program that will support and enable effective national and international engagement as a contemporary artist. Upon completion of the BFA Hons program, students demonstrate a high degree of understanding, critical awareness and independent judgment while consolidating practical and critical skills in preparation for a final exhibition.

UNSW Art & Design offers students access to an unmatched range of studio programs, workshops, cutting edge and traditional equipment, performance and exhibition spaces to produce and exhibit their work.


Studios and Areas of study

UNSW Art & Design offers students access to an unmatched range of studio programs, workshops, cutting edge and traditional equipment, performance and exhibition spaces to produce and exhibit their work. These include:

  • Photography – both analogue (traditional wet/chemical studios) and digital photography studios
  • Ceramics studios
  • Digital media and emerging technology facilities
  • Film and video art production facilities
  • Installation and environments studios
  • Jewellery workshops
  • Drawing studios
  • Painting studios
  • Performance spaces
  • Printmaking including etching, lithography and screen printing facilities
  • Textiles workshops


Dual Degree Options

UNSW Art & Design offers an extensive suite of career enhancing dual degree options.

Our wide ranging dual degree program is inspired by the world in which our students will ultimately work – a world in which few people work alone or in just one discipline, and in which it is important to understand and master a variety of skills. Dual degrees are not only for students with clearly chosen career interests – they offer valuable complementary sets of conceptual tools and transferable skills that potentially open more doors and create more opportunities in the ever changing creative economy. UNSW Art & Design is taking interdisciplinary art, design and media education to a new level.

UNSW Art & Design offers the following combinations of creative and professional degrees:


Career Opportunities

Our graduates work professionally in contemporary art and related creative fields.

UNSW’s outstanding BFA graduates are exhibited and collected widely in Australia and internationally, including in many of the world’s leading art museums, galleries and major biennales.

Our graduates have consistently achieved national recognition by winning Australia’s most prestigious art prizes including the Blake and Archibald Prizes, the Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship and the Samstag Award. Many BFA graduates have also been awarded Fulbright and other notable international scholarships and residencies.

Many of our graduates are practicing artists in their field(s) of expertise, such as professional photographers, textile artists, sculptors, painters, printmakers, ceramicists, video and media artists, jewellers and fine artists.

UNSW Art & Design’s BFA equips students with transferable skills and insights, so that graduates also find employment across the creative and cultural industries including:

  • Advertising, art direction and communication
  • Arts and cultural administration and policy making
  • Arts education and training
  • Arts writing, publishing and criticism
  • Commercial and news photography
  • Curating and program management in festivals, museums, galleries and public spaces
  • Exhibition planning, design and installation
  • Entertainment, media and technology industries
  • Theatre, film and television production
  • Urban planning, site activation and public art



The following Scholarships are available to Bachelor of Fine Arts students:


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